Smilebox - Spread More Happy

What We Do

Our mission is to transform the way people share life's moments, by empowering them to connect in creative ways that bring joy into every day.

Smilebox is the new way to reach out online to the people you care about, with special messages that are richly layered and full of celebration, appreciation, or whatever you want to share. It all comes together to surprise and delight your recipients in a way that goes far beyond email, texting, or even a phone call.

Our diverse variety of formats, themes and styles includes 1000+ Collages, Invitations, Cards, Slideshows and more, allowing our customers to find their perfect fit for holidays and birthdays, wedding day or any day. Smilebox is here to help people celebrate life's big and small moments, and share their creation in any way they choose.

Our mission - SPREAD MORE HAPPY!


Who We Are

We are a talented group of smart and creative, technology, product and marketing experts who work hard to provide our customers with an exceptional experience. We strive for excellence every day while having fun along the way, and each of our team members brings a unique perspective, talents and strengths that help us succeed and keep growing.

Acquired in 2011 by Perion Network (NASDAQ:PERI), we have the autonomy to operate independently and continue to innovate profitably while enjoying the financial stability of a larger corporation.

How We Work

Smilebox is a unique company in many ways. We work hard to make sure that we hire the right people, listen to what they say and create a work environment that enables them to do their best work and have fun. We firmly believe that the best way to build and effective high performance team is to provide a work environment where creativity is encouraged and respected and to apply and constantly check against the highest standards of quality.

We believe in:

Passion with purpose
We're passionate about our products and customers as we empower tens of millions of people around the world to celebrate life’s big and little moments.

Entrepreneurial in spirit
Our entrepreneurial approach enables us to be agile, innovative and dynamic. With the flexibility to quickly adapt, we seize opportunities as we continue to execute on our long term vision.

Excellence in Execution
We hold ourselves to high creative and technical standards, and continuously refine and elevate our performance. We hold ourselves accountable for defining and meeting our goals and objectives tirelessly.

Focus on results
We’re impact-driven. We challenge ourselves to work smarter and go above and beyond expectations to accomplish great amounts of impactful work.

Learn every day
We push past the status quo and pursue new possibilities. We toast our successes, and embrace and learn from our mistakes.

Teamwork is our way
We are enthusiastic collaborators who challenge each other effectively. Our work environment is defined by openness, honesty, trust, and respect.

All-hands meetings every Friday to promote transparency and communication across the entire company
Nonstop creativity. Say cheese!
Design and animation are part of our everyday
Our open workspace is collaborative and effective
Company events that are actually fun!
We support community volunteering