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Smilebox - Spread More Happy

Slideshows and Invitations for Every Occasion with Smilebox

Slideshows, invitations, greetings, collages, greeting cards, and scrapbooks – Smilebox has the perfect design to adorn your feelings, no matter what you want to express. Customize a slideshow for friends and family, or pick from hundreds of invitation templates for your next event. Smilebox is there for you!
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Smilebox Invitations and Slideshows Make it Easy

Scrapbooks should be fun to make, and the last thing you need when planning a party is to search desperately for invitations. Our wide selection of everything from collages to scrapbooks to greeting cards means that Smilebox is your best bet for celebrating special moments. Plus, customizing our slideshows and invitations is easy and intuitive. Our user interface has been designed with simplicity in mind. Even for the most complex collages and greeting cards, Smilebox is a snap.

Dramatic Slideshow Displays, with Help from Smilebox

So you’ve got just the right pictures for your scrapbook – but what about music? Or maybe you want to make your invitations a bit livelier? Smilebox enhances your creation with a range of features and effects. Add animation to your greeting cards and tunes to your slideshows. Customize your collages with a great choice of colors and text sections.

Greeting Cards Make Great Memories

Invitations that you personalize are more than just event reminders. Many Smilebox customers love to spend time on creating scrapbooks, slideshows, and collages because they look at them for years afterwards. That’s why Smilebox has made its designs printable and savable on DVD. Of course, our greetings, slideshows, and invitations are meant to be shared, so you can also send them by email or post them on social media.

Greetings for the Season, and Much More

Send a scrapbook for All Saints’ Day, a collage for Christmas, invitations for Eid, and even a Sabbath slideshow. Whether it’s birthdays, Valentine’s, or because you care, Smilebox’s wide selection of templates for greeting cards will always rise to the occasion.

Reach out to someone you care about today, and spread a little happiness.

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