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Obituaries and Memorials Come in Many Forms

Create a touching slideshow, collage, invite, announcement or photo album to remember those you loved. Share the memories and emotions to create a legacy that will last.
  • Choose from a variety of breathtaking and elegant designs.
  • Add photos, videos, music and an emotional message.
  • Share via email, post to Facebook or your blog, burn to a DVD, or print.
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Memorials Designs

Loving Memory - Slideshow Memories of You - Slideshow A Loving Farewell - Slideshow Celebration of Life - Slideshow A Beautiful Life - Slideshow Script and Floral - Slideshow Pattern Memorial Slideshow - Slideshow See 100s more in Smilebox

Losing a loved one is never easy. Often, comfort comes by remembering, and by creating a legacy to preserve the memory and eternalize the emotions. Smilebox lets you make the perfect pictorial obituary. Take a look at Smilebox's collection of obituary designs and templates for memorial ceremony invites, death notices, funeral announcements, memorial albums, memorial invites and memorial collages.

Use Smilebox's Memorial Slideshow Maker to create a moving tribute to your loved one. Show your slideshow at the funeral, or at a gathering in their memory. Give a photo album to friends and relatives. Or, create and hang a collage, or gift it to someone you love.

Smilebox believes memories are made to be shared in unique and memorable ways. And we believe honoring a loved one who's passed on should feel like a privilege, not a headache. Smilebox's simple application lets you quickly and easily create funeral invites, memorial photo books, and memorial collages and slideshows. Choose from over 1,000 customizable designs, then add an emotional message and the photos you love. You can also add music - either ours or your own.

Create a legacy. Share the memories. Honor your loved ones and help them live on.

May their memories comfort you and bring you peace.