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Delight in Memories with Animated Slideshows

Our slideshows go beyond mere memory-keeping to help you tell life's stories and celebrate the people, events and memories you cherish. Engaging animation adds depth and dimension, conveying emotion and context and building up to reveal of your special photos. You can add songs from your own music library or ours, for a soundtrack that captures the spirit of your moments.

With Smilebox, you can be the memory-keeper who transforms photos into keepsakes that friends and family treasure. Tell any story you want. Share just a few photos from a backyard barbecue, dozens from your trip to Europe, or hundreds from your daughter's wedding. Our diverse collection of slideshow styles and themes lets you find the perfect showcase for any occasion--birthday, holiday, or any day.

Our team of animators, designers and writers is dedicated to crafting designs that captivate your audience and create the impact you want to achieve. At the same time, it's amazingly easy to create powerful slideshows with Smilebox. Simply drag and drop photos into your preferred order, or use our auto-fill feature for automatic placement of your uploaded photos. Email your slideshow to anyone, anywhere, any time, post to Facebook, burn DVD keepsakes or save to digital photo frame for a truly heartfelt gift.

With family and friends as your audience, you're sure to receive rave reviews. Treat them to a slideshow they'll want to watch again and again!

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